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Daily Lifestyle

Quality of Life

Valley Comfort Care Home entails promotion of the highest quality of life possible while integrating a person centered approach tailoring specific needs and wants for our residents. Our small staff to patient ratio allows us to foster exceptional care and attend to the needs of our residents. 


We aim to incorporate the specific interests of our residents into daily activities in hopes to strive for an eagerness to participate or achieve a sense of joy. 


Freedom to Choose

We offer a variety of daily recreational activities that residents may choose to participate in. The various activities scheduled throughout the day incorporate cognitive stimulation, social engagement, wellness, fitness, and relaxation. Residents have the capability of moving around freely and to participate in what they enjoy with.











Relaxing Environment

We utilize our outdoor space nestled within the valley to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Our outdoor space also incorporates a garden that resident's may grow and pick items to their liking. Families also have the capability of spending time with their loved ones in our relaxing outdoor environment and continue to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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